Fishing Town

Official Fishing Town Whitepaper, last updated January 2022
At "Fishing Town" citizens earn a living through catching fishes. This land contains pure and clear origin of water that was given birth by a Goddess named Nanami. Goddess Nanami hallows water source and various breed of fishes which have fed many lives in the city. Another wonderful mystery of this town is that the water source shares one extremely special type of fish. The God of fish with its own individual soul - whenever the soul merges together, the God of fish bring wealth to the city. This sacred town is ready to open its gate and let everyone be on their grand adventure. Find your own fish species and be prosperous with the game!!
players will impersonate a role of passionate fisher in the town where fishers all over the world are gathered to find various types of fish including the legendary and extinction fish. Players will enjoy fishing, open Gachapon in order to get different types of rod, crafting, upgrading rod, setting sailing, building their own aquariums to breed fishes and decorating their own habitat.
Cryptocurrencies have been used for various reasons such as allowing users to transfer data with transparency decentralized without involvement of a third party and also to reduce the cost of transaction(no-need intermediary). Moreover, The popularity of NFTs in the cryptocurrencies world has been increasing and widespread among people with different lives. We believed that Fishing town aims to use the benefits of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to give back to society and for the good reason that we use NFTs in Fishing town gaming to create more value to the players. The value of the real ownerships, digital collectibles, uniqueness, rarity and advantage of the NFTs in the game that are more than just in-game assets or items. All of these digital assets are collectibles and can be traded over the marketplace via blockchain technology. The digital assets and items in the game have real value because of the blockchain technology. Fishing town allows gamers to connect more deeply on an emotional level with reality-related gameplay, enjoy the nostalgia and user-friendly pixel art in the game and also in terms of investment. Fishing town aims to be the NFTs game that combines the jolliness of gameplay with the remembrance of old school gaming based on reality-related aquatic animals that bring players experience to the next level.
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